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Album Review: Futureheads’ a capella Rant

The Futureheads aren’t afraid of touching covers (think Hounds Of Love), and from untraceable bards to Black Eyed Peas’ Meet me Halfway, Rant is full of them. Add that to the fact that the album is also entirely a capella, and it has less of a shiny new feel than This is not the World and The Chaos. This album seems like more of a side-project than a distinctive jump forward. But what a fantastic project it is– the same smooth surround-able hooks, just without the instruments.

So, the rhythms, the beats, the track speeds are entirely vocal powered (OK, a slight drum beat and some finger clicks on Beeswing). The roles of the guitar, bass and drums are successfully filled by the Heads’ four voices. In the a capella Robot, two sets of vocals lay down a base– one fast constant beat and another providing a rhythmic bellow every few seconds– with robot being sung at intervals and the lyrics laid on top. Mix in some lively vocal rises and the hooks created somewhere in there. The song even ends in the same manic stunted climax. Like many of the tracks, the varied vocals gives this version layers that wrap around you: there’s no need for instruments.

Previous Futureheads’ fans will be wondering about the band’s covers of their own songs: Meantime, Robot, Man Ray and Heartbeat Song, while covers of Richard Thompson’s 1994 hit, Beeswing, and Sparks’ The No.1 Song in Heaven, ensures a variety of curious newcomers.

There’s still a lot of Futureheads’ charm here and they’ve really let loose with Rant, but it’s unlikely to be on your running playlist, or live in your car’s C.D player. The lyrics are too precise and the rhythms too intricate to compete with the gym or motorway. The album needs a bit of time and devotion to really get it. But give a cappella a chance and you’ll be surprised and what it can achieve. It’s not a stark, outdated, and limited sound, but rich and varied, a sound that simply draws you in.

Check out: Meet Me Halfway and The Old Dun Cow

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