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Matt Woosey Interview

Cafe Rene, 29/07/12

Fast, powerful, and full of rich blues-y narratives, Matt Woosey’s songs have been entertaining the Midlands for years. His high-spirited sound has also captivated on European tours and London venues. The blues king talks about gigging five or six times a week, a hair-cut and a van impounding.

Ketchup or mayonnaise?

Both, mixed.

If you were on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be? (Can’t be music.)

Agatha Christie’s Poirot.

I was listening to a Bristol Radio interview you gave in 2011 where you said you were really pleased you could survive just on your music alone. Are you still surviving now?

Yeah still getting from place to place and doing five or six gigs a week, so yeah. 

So has performing full time always been your aim then?

It has since I started doing music, yeah. I’ve been doing it full time for about two years, and before that it was pretty much full time, the only difference was that I had a job as well.

You seem to spend a lot of time traveling around gigging and your style can be really intense. Do you ever find you get to the end of the week and you just can’t keep it up?

Well, I get up late, so that helps. I don’t think people realize just how physically demanding it is to do a two hour show. I mean my stuff is full of energy. I do do gigs when I’m not feeling on form, I’m not as energetic as the rest of them, but mainly it’s…it’s just have a couple of beers and it’s fine.

Is there anything or anybody you think about when performing, or are you just totally lost in the sound?

If I’ve written a song about something or someone then sometimes I try and think about why I wrote it and the circumstances surrounding the time in which i wrote it. But I do it so much now that it’s kind of like changing gear in a car. You don’t really think about it, you just do it.

There’s a comment on one of your YouTube videos [busker–Playdar] that says ‘I love you Matt, have my babies’.


Are propositions like that quite common for you?

Only from my friends. Umm, no. Whoever wrote that, you do not want my babies. It’s not going to be good. 

I was watching some other YouTube videos from 2007, what brought on the dramatic haircut?

I was doing a tour of a hundred gigs in a hundred days and it was an extremely difficult tour for lots and lots of reasons. My van got impounded and that was the last straw really. I had to pay to get it back and I ran out of money, so I couldn’t finish the last eleven gigs of the last eleven days. So I moved back with my parents, but before I did that I thought ‘right, well I need to start all over again. And that involved a haircut.

It was a good look. Any plans for music videos?

I’ve just done two official videos in Weston Super Mare College, high definition ones, which are really nice. I’m recording with the band in August and we’re gonna make some videos of the recording. So it’ll be live stuff.

You went to Uni, did you find you were constantly putting down the books and picking up the guitar?

Yeah, it was a massive waste of time really, except for the friends I met and the good times I had, it wasn’t for me. But I’m not sure I’d change it if I could go back in time. I was out three or four nights a week, gigging or doing open-mics or traveling with the band, so my work definitely suffered. 

How does your present band’s style differ to the first few band you were in?

Well the first couple of bands were kinda pop-rock, and I just played some nice twinkly guitar over the top, occasionally some backing vocals and occasionally a song that I’d written would be in the set. Then I moved on to doing solo stuff, and then I got my own band together. So I started writing all my songs and it became an acoustic thing as opposed to an electric thing, like it was with the other band. They’ve changed and grown as my material has changed and grown.

It must feel great to now have the Matt Woosey Band.

Yeah it’s nice. It doesn’t have a set personnel at the moment, but I’m hoping to be in a position where I can offer a band constant employment over the next couple of years.

How did you get involved with Songs From the Shed?

I’ve got a friend who books me a few gigs here and there and helps me get interviews, and he was touring an American band called ‘The Watertower Bucket Boys’ from Oregon. They got a show on it, and I was supporting them at a gig in the evening. Al said ‘you might as well have Matt come and do one of your sessions as well’, so that’s how I got a session too.

If I gave you 14 million pounds what would be the first thing you’d do?

I’d probably give away thirteen million of it and buy myself a nice van.

Good answer, thanks Matt.

Check out his site:

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